The Benefits of Going Full Service When it Comes to Surveillance

Unit vs. Service


Businesses very obviously want to protect their properties, and they do this through utilizing various security strategies. One of the most common is to install surveillance camera units to act as an eye in the sky, if you will. Surveillance cameras appear everywhere nowadays, from airports and malls to street corners and retail outlets. But just because they’re a common sight doesn’t mean that every business approaches them in the same way. The majority of organizations have chosen to install their camera units and monitor what they record themselves. This is usually done from a central control room where one or several guards watch over a host of screens, each showing what every camera is capturing. For years, this was the most direct and preferred approach, but as technology has increased, better options have become available. Now it’s possible to hire out a video surveillance service like Pro-Vigil to handle a company’s security needs, and the benefits of doing so become clear in short order.


Part of the advantage from using a surveillance service stems from simple cost reductions. Taking responsibility for every aspect of security yourself requires a tremendous amount of attention and resources. Monitoring your camera units means hiring qualified security guards who all need the right training and equipment to handle the threats they may encounter while on the job. And of course that also means wages, and the better the security guard, the more they will cost to hire. That’s not to mention additional insurance costs for a job that may involve physical dangers. In other words, handling surveillance monitoring on your own creates more headaches and eats into your budget more quickly.


Hiring a service to run your security eliminates many of those problems. For one, the cost is an affordable one, something that won’t take up limited resources and funds. You also get the peace of mind knowing that the people working on your security are experts in their field. While you may study and research all about best security practices, the ones who will know what best to do when it comes to implementing the right security system for you will be security services. That’s the type of assurance you just won’t get even if you install an advanced video system.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that comes from using a service over simply monitoring your own units is that the monitoring from the service is constant and expertly applied. The services offered by Pro-Vigil, for example, use advanced video analytics techniques to help detect when a threat is present. Using this technique is far more accurate and active than a regular security guard watching a monitor in a back room. Video analytics provides the ability to instantly react to threats as they happen, and with advances in the technology comes a lower rate of false alarms. A service also provides the ability to activate both audible and visual outputs from a remote location. When intruders and criminals see and hear these outputs, they most likely will react by leaving the premises in a hurry. In cases where they still won’t leave, the proper authorities can be alerted and respond to the scene within minutes.


In fact, it’s that remote monitoring that should be emphasized when a service is used. Doing the work remotely removes personnel from possible dangerous encounters while still allowing them to be effective in their jobs. The monitoring still gets done -- and since it’s aided by advanced software it’s better than ever -- but they don’t have to put themselves in a position where they are at risk. Since the surveillance system is monitored every day at all hours of the day, you can be assured that not a single thing will be missed.
Though simply using camera units may seem like the simple solution, in reality using a surveillance service makes security a whole lot simpler. Services can provide the most advanced techniques and technology for dealing with security threats. Remote monitoring is constant and effective and ends up costing organizations less in the long run. With these benefits, it’s clear that using a security service gives a maximum level of protection for all of your properties, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities to ensure the success of your business.

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