How to Pick the Right Surveillance Service for Your Business


Using a surveillance system for a business is common practice for many organizations out there, but when it comes time to install one, most companies choose to focus more on the technology. Equally important, however, is finding the right surveillance service that will meet the goals you’re looking for and install and maintain the system that will boost your business. Just as picking the right system is a crucial decision, picking the right service is just as critical. You can have the best system in the world, but without the right surveillance service backing you up, all of that technology and equipment could eventually go to waste. So while you think about how to pick a surveillance system, take a moment to consider some of the following criteria for picking a surveillance service you can work with in the long-term.

Video Analytics

Many surveillance systems come with the usual standards in technology, but when you pick a service, you need to find out what additional technological offerings are on display. Video analytics is part of the cutting edge world of big data, and it can be the difference between company stagnation and company success. Pro-Vigil, for example, provides intelligent video analytics with its system. With video analytics, greater security capabilities are suddenly at your fingertips. An effective surveillance service provides video analytics, which in turn can analyze the behavior of people recorded on camera. This can provide advanced warning of suspicious actions, and the proper authorities can be alerted within moments. Beyond security, video analytics can also benefit your business by recording detailed information on customers while they’re on the premises. If you want the latest advanced surveillance technology that improves efforts outside of security, find a service that provides video analytics.

Video Monitoring

One question you need to ask yourself when picking a surveillance service: does the service offer live video monitoring? This especially handy feature means you won’t have to hire your own security experts to constantly monitor your cameras at all hours of the day. The service takes care of all of that. This not only saves on the costs for you, but live video monitoring is simply more effective. Even the most observant and dedicated security worker can only concentrate on video screens for a short amount of time. Live video monitoring as provided by Pro-Vigil means details aren’t missed. The feed is constantly being recorded and analyzed for information. This is especially important when it comes to security, where missing details could lead to very undesirable consequences.

Mobile Solutions

A pro surveillance system can be extremely useful, but what if you want to check on it away from the office? In such cases, you’ll want to choose a service that gives you mobile solutions. In other words, the service gives you the means to monitor your new system through remote video technology. Mobile solutions means integrated mobile apps, like those provided by Pro-Vigil, to allow you ensure everything is going smoothly at any time you want, no matter where you are. This feature gives you peace of mind and added confidence that the system is working well. It also ensures that the service you’ve hired is fulfilling their end of the agreement. A service that doesn’t offer mobile solutions means their effectiveness is limited.

Provided Support

What do you do when something goes wrong with your surveillance system? Some surveillance services take a hands-off approach, leaving you on your own to handle your own worries over how the equipment is working and what to do with the video data collected. On the flip side, some surveillance services, like Pro-Vigil, offer support when help is needed. They don’t leave you to flounder, wondering what to do next. A good surveillance service is in constant communication, giving you valuable data and analysis, not just on what’s being recorded by your cameras but how the cameras themselves are performing. Without support, you’ll need your own data experts, and that can get expensive.

Choosing a surveillance service is a big decision for any company. That’s why you want to make sure you’re making the best decision. Look for a service that offers the latest in video analytics, live video monitoring capabilities, constant support, and helpful mobile solutions. Picking a service is about more than the initial agreement; it’s about establishing a long-lasting partnership that will help you reach your company’s goals.

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