Commercial Security and Surveillance System Solutions

Chances are, few things are more important to your business than its security. A poor security system is just asking for trouble sometime down the line as it raises risks and puts the very future of a company in jeopardy. Most businesses realize this, of course, and have gone to great lengths to read up on how best to protect their companies. Adopting a commercial security system for this purpose is a main priority for organizations all over the world. With the right system in place, you can have greater peace of mind that things will be all right, even when you’re not in the office. It also promotes safety at any premise where the security system is installed. That helps workers feel safer, and a more satisfied employee is one who is more productive no matter what shift they have. Commercial security systems can also lower insurance rates, so any financial investment into one will pay for itself in time. Security and surveillance systems are important to the future success of companies, but picking one can be a challenge. With so many available, it’s vital to know what you want and use one that fits your needs.


Industry Solutions


All types of industries have different needs that need to be met when it comes to security. A fast food restaurant, for example, will use different commercial security solutions than a retail store. These needs have to be evaluated before finally deciding on a commercial security solution that works best for you and your business.


There are a number of examples that highlight these differences. Auto dealerships can become popular targets for vandals, especially when they have such valuable merchandise. For that reason, many auto dealerships adopt high-quality video surveillance to protect their assets. A live video feed not only checks in on the security of the property, but it can also see if adverse weather conditions are causing a problem.


Recycling centers also have need for commercial surveillance system solutions that feature video of top quality. In this case, using conventional guards simply isn’t as effective as video surveillance since cameras can cover the entire property at all times. With high-quality video, the system is able to identify license plates of people who may be illegally dumping items. Video can also keep an eye on employees as they work, ensuring they’re safe as they see to their duties. Video surveillance in this example can also prevent disasters and accidents, such as identifying yard fires before they spread.


The same solutions can be used for multi-family living complexes. Simply having security cameras can prevent crimes, but in more extreme cases, surveillance solutions can provide important evidence in criminal cases. Beyond that, a commercial security system can help control access to the common areas while also protecting valuable equipment on the property.


Pro-Vigil Service Solutions


Pro-Vigil provides all of these business security solutions and more to ensure your property is a safe place to work and even live. One feature you should look at is the video surveillance and storage solutions Pro-Vigil offers. This goes beyond only recording what happens in a work environment and saves that information for later use. The events recorded can be analyzed for more information, particularly through advanced intelligent video analytics, revealing valuable insights that can help make a business more successful. All of this information and footage is stored off-site, ensuring it is kept safe and protected.


Pro-Vigil also offers 24/7 remote monitoring, which keeps an eye on everything that is going on at all hours of the day. But it’s more than just a helpful eye in the sky. With remote monitoring, you can check in from the convenience of any mobile device to see that everything is safe. These commercial security applications are easy to use, particularly if you find yourself on the road a lot for your job.


All that monitoring is also done with Pro-Vigil’s dedicated virtual guards. Thanks to object tracking technology, trained virtual guards can be alerted immediately when something is detected that shouldn’t be there. This remote brand of security guard keeps people out of harm’s way while still making them effective at stopping intruders. It combines the best of on-site human guards with the safety of remote viewing while having them use the latest technology to protect your business around the clock.


Pro-Vigil’s Advantage - Why Choose Pro-Vigil


Pro-Vigil’s dedication to commercial applications of security means you have all the tools and technology at your disposal to ensure your work environment remains safe and secure. With high definition cameras, integrated mobile apps, video analytics, virtual guards, and more, you have a host of different options to choose from as you pick the right security solutions to meet your needs.


Pro-Vigil has been successful because we provide high-tech security solutions that can integrate with your existing video system if you choose. This leads to greater confidence that everything related to your business will be protected no matter what happens. Whether you run a power plant, self-storage facility, recycling center, or other property, you’ll find the solution to your security worries here. Pro-Vigil gives you a security and surveillance advantage that will deter criminals and keep your employees safe as they work. You can expect a more productive workplace as you use a system that will ease your worries and help you focus on other matters that demand your attention. Pro-Vigil will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

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