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When apartment hunters are looking at a potential property to rent, the lure of an on-site sparkling blue swimming pool is often too good an amenity to pass up. Unfortunately, for the landlord with the pool, the benefits are often overshadowed by the risks. Pool maintenance and upkeep, less-than-desirable noise levels of swimmers, and a bevy of water safety concerns are what often cause landlords anxiety.


The good news is that there is no need to trade high rentability for peace of mind. With the right video surveillance system installed around the apartment pool area, renters can enjoy the awesome amenity while safety and security are preserved.  

The Risks of Apartments with Pools  

As relaxing and fun as it is to play in the water (after all, Americans make 300+ million trips to the pool each year), there are some serious downsides to having an apartment pool. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), drowning is a leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children 1-14 years old.


While death is certainly the worst-case scenario, there are also a number of other risks of apartments with pools. For example, if horseplay, music, or partiers get too loud, residents may complain or even end up moving out of your complex. They might also leave poor reviews online, which is bad for your business.


Another more serious scenario involves a landlord potentially being held liable for any injury or death that results from someone using your pool. This includes not only your apartment residents but their guests as well. Even uninvited and unwelcome trespassers could cause you trouble with the law.

General Pool Safety Information

Fortunately, landlords can still offer a pool amenity while doing their best to keep everyone happy, safe, and protected from lawsuits. All it takes is starting with some general pool safety information and then installing a high-tech video surveillance system.


Be sure to implement the following practices to diminish your renters’ risk, as well as your own:


  • Review and Adhere to the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC): These guidelines address the design and construction, operations and maintenance, and policies and management of any pool, including those for apartment complexes. Following these guidelines will help to ensure your pool follows scientific best practices for making swimming healthier and safer.


  • Have Residents Sign a Disclosure Document: Ensure renters know and agree to all the rules before they are allowed to enter the pool area. Their signature also helps to ease your liability should an unfortunate event occur.



  • Require a Key or Code for Entry: The apartment pool is private for renters. A key or access code will keep out those who don’t have permission to enter. Let renters know that if they lend their key or share their code, they are in violation of their rental lease.



  • Post Pool Rules: Be sure you post all pool rules where every swimmer and sunbather can read them. Make the sign large and legible. When deciding on your rules, include the following:
    • Open/close times
    • Proper swim attire
    • Acceptable noise levels
    • The number of guests allowed at a time
    • The ages that can swim unaccompanied by an adult
    • That there should be no diving or horseplay

Taking Pool Safety to the Next Level

Even when a landlord takes all general pool safety suggestions seriously, there are times when serious safety situations arise. That’s why it’s a very good idea to protect your tenants and your own liability by taking pool safety to the next level.


Pro-Vigil security systems for apartments with pools aren’t just for protection, they’re also for prevention. Your pool will be guarded against threats and potential threats, either from unruly behavior or from an accident. The system does this by quickly detecting, evaluating, and addressing issues before they become a serious safety situation.


A high-tech video surveillance system that allows landlords to access a pool’s video surveillance 24/7 from a mobile device provides increased safety and peace of mind. Such a monitored system can confirm a threat and immediately activate audible and visual outputs remotely. Such action is effective in thwarting threats 93% of the time. In the instances when this action is not enough, the authorities are notified, saving property, liability, and lives.  


To get your pool safety where it needs to be so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your tenants are covered, contact Pro-Vigil today for a free site design!