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The time, energy, and money you’ve poured into your business is an investment you don’t want to risk losing. Security surveillance can help you protect your business investment from theft, vandalism, disaster, and more. Learn about IP hosting and how having a dedicated IP can help you store and access your security videos remotely and keep your business protected.

What Is an IP Camera?

IP cameras, or internet protocol cameras, are probably better known by the term webcam or even network camera. No matter what you choose to call them, IP cameras use the internet or a local area network to send and receive information. Some IP cameras store data directly on the recording device, while others require a central network video recorder (NVR), or store data remotely with a dedicated IP hosting service. These convenient digital cameras have become very popular in recent years and are used by businesses to meet their security system needs. IP cameras are great for businesses because they allow remote viewing of business properties with a dedicated IP hosting.

How Does an IP Camera Work?

IP cameras work differently than traditional wired camera systems. Traditional wired networks like CCTV  require ethernet cables to connect the camera to the network. These cameras cannot be viewed remotely unless they have been connected to a DVR (digital video recorder) and WiFi router. However, IP cameras can be accessed through a network connection and don’t need a cable or DVR to function. The transmission needs of the system are built right into the camera unit itself.


Because IP cameras already have what they need to transmit (along with a WiFi network) right in the camera, they can connect directly to the LAN (local area network). In order to remotely view video footage, a dedicated IP hosting is needed to reserve the IP address for your camera. Once your camera has been assigned a dedicated IP hosting address, you can use port forwarding to allow remote access of your camera footage. This makes it possible to access your camera with any device that has internet access.

What Kind of Storage Is There for IP Cameras?

If you’re a business owner, you probably want a secure place to store all your IP camera video footage. IP cameras can store footage in a couple of different ways either by storing directly on the camera itself, streaming to an internet provider, or sending the footage to another storage device.


If you only need a couple of cameras, you might consider a decentralized network, in which every camera has its own built-in storage. If you need more than a few cameras you will want to consider a centralized network to store your video footage. Pro-Vigil provides centralized storage for surveillance cameras through a dedicated IP hosting service, so business owners don’t have to worry about backing up their own data.  

What Do I Need to Get Started?

If you already have a network at your business location, you have what you need to start running your security surveillance system with an IP camera system. Along with your established network, you will need an IP hosting service with a dedicated IP address, a wireless router, a computer, and an NVR or PC if you decide to store your footage yourself. Pro-Vigil provides a dedicated IP hosting service to store your surveillance footage and allows you to access your camera feed remotely without the headache of setting it up yourself.

Protect Your Business

IP cameras are ideal for businesses looking to protect their properties and equipment from both internal and external theft and damage. Pro-Vigil’s surveillance systems have high-quality footage as well as a 24/7 virtual security guard watching over your property. Our security systems are so effective, they deter 93% of crimes before they even happen.

Get Peace of Mind

Use an IP camera to check in on employees at work, view your site after hours, and respond quickly to alerts with remote access and viewing of your surveillance system. As long as you have an internet connection you can simply pull up your video feed and check in on your business property from anywhere in the world. You can rest assured knowing your footage is securely stored off-site on our dedicated IP hosting service, where it can’t be destroyed or damaged by intruders.


Having a dedicated IP hosting address can keep your surveillance storage secure and protected. Pro-Vigil stores footage for up to two weeks, keeping your footage protected off-site. Learn more about Pro-Vigil’s business security systems and purchase one for your property today. Get peace of mind and protect your business with Pro-Vigil.