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Every year on the fourth Friday of November, millions of consumers flock to their favorite stores to score unbeatable deals on otherwise costly products. Unsurprisingly, Black Friday just so happens to have the highest theft rates of any other day of the year. Use these business security tips for Black Friday to protect your inventory and your business.

Use Live Surveillance

If you’re not already using a state-of-the-art surveillance system to protect your business, you’re at risk for burglary and theft -- especially on Black Friday. High-tech security systems are the best way to prevent theft and deter criminals.


With Pro-Vigil’s business security services, you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe. With our combination of high-tech security features, you can protect your business on Black Friday in the following ways:


  • Never miss a beat with live Remote Video Monitoring, which provides you with a live security feed on any smart device that’s connected to WiFi.
  • Use our People Counting capabilities to monitor foot traffic through various parts of your business. This allows you to detect suspicious activity and keep customers from entering unauthorized areas.
  • Utilize Object Tracking to follow certain individuals or items throughout the duration of your security feed.
  • Monitor everything in detail with video analytics.
  • Depend on our live support staff to monitor your security footage in real time and report any suspicious or alarming activity.

Employ Mystery Shoppers

Want someone on the inside? Enlist the services of professional mystery shoppers to roam about your store and keep an eye out for theft or other criminal activity. This type of security is often unexpected and nearly impossible for criminals to detect. Mystery shoppers are also referred to as “secret shoppers”, and do well to keep their true motives hidden from your real customers.

Strategize Product Placement

What should be one of the more obvious holiday safety tips for businesses is to be strategic in how you organize items in the store. Position your most expensive and popular items as far from the exits as you can manage, and create a route that will lead shoppers to the cashiers before they reach an exit. You can create a preventative shoppers route with barricades, clothing racks, and standing shelves to guide your customers away from the exit and toward the end of the checkout line instead.


This strategic safety tip will make it far more difficult for thieves to sneak out or even run out the doors with stolen items.

Add or Upgrade Your Product Security Devices

Until now, you may not have felt the need to rig your big-ticket items with high-tech security devices, but you may want to consider it before Black Friday. Unfortunately, the old-fashioned anti-theft tags just don’t deter criminals the way they used to. Thanks to countless shady videos on Youtube, anyone can learn how to remove a simple security tag without damaging the product.


Protect your items by adding or upgrading the individual security devices on your items. Use the more complex cable and wire-based theft prevention devices, such as the formidable spider wraps. With intimidating security measures like this in place, you can effectively deter criminals and protect your most expensive inventory.

Offer Online Sales

As technology continues to evolve, more and more consumers are choosing to skip the wild Black Friday hoards and get their deals online from the comfort and safety of their own home. By choosing to include your website in your Black Friday strategy, you can greatly reduce foot traffic and security risks inside your store.


Make sure to let the world know about your online deals before the big day arrives. Launch marketing campaigns and promotional advertisements to announce the unbeatable Black Friday deals that you’ll be offering on your company website.


If you do choose to go the cyber route, make sure that your website is capable of handling a large volume of visitors at one time without slowing down or crashing. Adding quality cyber security to your website is also a must before you launch your Black Friday deals.


With these business security tips for Black Friday, you can effectively protect your business from theft and other criminal activity. Equip your investment with dependable, high-tech surveillance systems from Pro-Vigil today.