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Surveillance systems are well known for their potential to prevent crime and increase safety for employees and customers at your business. But surveillance cameras have other advantageous elements as well. At Pro-Vigil, we’re always advancing the capabilities of our surveillance products and what they can do for your business.


No matter the type of company you’re running, you’ll want to know what Pro-Vigil can do to take your business to the next level. Surveillance can vastly increase business productivity with the help of tools like object tracking, people counting, and more.

Monitor Employees

It’s hard to know exactly what goes on with your employees when you head back to your desk. Surveillance is an excellent solution to ethically monitor employees, which has endless positive implications such as:


  • Figuring out which processes are most efficient: If you have a team of employees working in a warehouse, construction zone, or various other settings, you can monitor employees to see whose methods are working best and quickest. This is invaluable information that can save your company money in the long run.
  • Determining the employees who deserve promotions: If you could observe your employees from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they go home, you’d learn a lot about who stays on task and acts as a leader in the work setting. Surveillance can be your eyes and ears to help determine who should be promoted when you’re looking to fill a position or give raises.
  • Solving issues more objectively: Unfortunately, no company can completely avoid inevitable squabbles between employees, customer/employee disagreements, or other similar problems. Having constant employee surveillance will give you evidence of what really happened in any given circumstance, rather than exclusively relying on he said/she said stories.
  • Motivating employees to stay on task: If employees know they’re being monitored, they’re more likely to act as they would if you were right over their shoulder, making them more productive.

Monitor Objects

Our object tracking software allows businesses of all types to observe and analyze people and objects on their property. This type of surveillance helps organizations in numerous ways, including:



  • Improving traffic flow and decreasing congestion: If you own a parking garage, retail store, or warehouse, you can benefit from monitoring the flow of traffic and analyzing areas that cause loitering or backups.


  • Increasing safety: Businesses can detect intruders more quickly with the help of our object tracking software. Analysis of the surveillance data can also help identify areas that need greater security or alarms.
  • Make processes more efficient: Warehouses and manufacturers can use object tracking to analyze the movement of equipment and inventory. This data will help create solutions and improve efficiencies in the workflow.

Count People

Virtually any business can benefit from Pro-Vigil’s people counting software. This technology is one of the most accurate ways to track how many people are coming into your business, as well as where they go while on the premises. People tracking data allows companies to increase productivity by:


  • Measuring the impact of advertising: By keeping track of foot traffic, you’ll be able to compare how effective your physical advertising campaigns are. You can decide if you’re getting the return on investment you’re after by knowing exactly how many customers are coming through the door.


  • Optimizing your company’s physical layout: Because our people counting software also tracks where people go on your premises, you can use the software to optimize the layout of your business. If you own a retail space and notice areas that aren’t getting foot traffic, you can rearrange the layout to put those products in a more highly trafficked area. If you own a warehouse and notice areas with too much foot traffic, you can spread out your inventory to allow for better flow.


  • Properly staffing your business: People counting allows businesses to see exactly how many people are on the premises at any given time, meaning you can staff your business more efficiently than ever. Hospitals can know when they’re getting the most patients and staff more people to work during those hours, and sports arenas can figure out which locations would be best for concession stands, etc.


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