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A smart business has a good product, hires qualified employees, and has a good marketing strategy. After all that effort to keep your business on top, who wants to lose hard-earned revenue? Now, you can learn how to keep your business safe with video surveillance. In addition to protecting against outside threats, video surveillance offers a number of advantages that can safeguard your assets. Check out some of the top reasons you should get quality video surveillance for your company:

1. Protection from thieves

This is one of the most popular reasons for installing video surveillance in any business. Visible security cameras can deter potential thieves from stealing or from vandalizing your property because they worry they’ll be caught. If they’re still bold enough to take anything from your company, you are a lot more likely to catch them if you have the incident recorded on video.

2. Protection from internal damage

Many hidden threats don’t always come from the classic image of a bad guy in a black mask. Lots of threats are internal and can come from your own employees. Video surveillance can help you identify any employees who are stealing from you, or who aren’t honestly reporting the facts.

3. Increased compliance

With 360-degree vision, video surveillance is essential for dangerous workplaces. It can help ensure that every employee adheres to federal, state, and local protocols. By ensuring compliance with the rules, you avoid fees and keep your business protected.  

4. More productive employees

Having video surveillance at work can make your employees more productive. Employees know that they can’t dawdle while on the clock, and this helps them achieve their fullest capacity. Additionally, video recording can offer real-time visualized communication between departments. By seeing other warehouses and departments at the same time, managers can coordinate more quickly and increase efficiency.

5. Increased savings

Getting video surveillance can help you save money and cut business costs. Having video surveillance is cheaper than having security guards on every floor. Additionally, analyzing video footage of your building can help you to identify areas that aren’t being used as much or spot other areas where money is being wasted.

6. Evidence in disputes

If there’s ever a business disagreement, video surveillance can offer recorded footage that reveals the facts. It’s an objective way of reviewing the event to see what really happened.

7. Employee protection

Even if you do a great job managing your business, your employees may still face some dangers. Occasionally work injuries may happen, especially if you work in construction or in a warehouse setting. Video surveillance can monitor what happens so you know the facts, and you can review the video to make changes and increase safety for the future. And finally, rather than sending more employees into a dangerous workplace to monitor compliance, you can manage the area remotely. Your employees will also be protected against sexual harassment and other forms of bullying and misconduct.

All of these benefits of video surveillance provide your business with many advantages. As you implement these safety measures, be sure to keep your employees up to date and informed in an effective way. Employees may worry about being “spied on.” In order to help them feel more comfortable, here are some tips to keep in mind as you introduce video surveillance to your employees:

    • Be straightforward. Be honest about when the video surveillance system in your business will be implemented. If there was some kind of incident that prompted you to take advantage of the video system, be sure to address the incident as well. Employees should know what to expect. If there are areas that the cameras won’t cover, let them know about those safe spaces. This kind of honesty and transparency can help them feel more included and informed.
  • Show employees how it will benefit them. Discuss the benefits that employees will get from the video surveillance system. Once they see how it will improve their work lives, they’re much more likely to support your plan to keep your business profitable and safe.

After reviewing these options with your employees, you (and they) will see the many advantages that come from having video security. You’ll feel more secure and confident about the safety of your business with video surveillance in place, both from internal and external threats. Your employees will also feel more protected, and you can identify ways to better streamline your business processes. Does your business need an outdoor security camera? Find out what you should look for to choose the best outdoor security camera. If you’re ready to keep your business safe and your revenue skyrocketing, get a Pro-Vigil security system today!