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10-Nov-2013 08:28:26 AM – Virtual guards called police to this multifamily construction site where an individual entered the site after hours. Police arrived and after questioning the individuals, made them leave the site.

11-Nov-2013 02:21:38 AM – Pro-Vigil covers most major holidays free of charge. Virtual guards called police to this storage yard where two individuals were stealing items from the service vehicles we’re protecting. Police arrived and made the arrest.

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For criminals, each new day is an opportunity to take advantage of someone else’s hard work and make a little bit of money out of cheating the system. However, when those same criminals attempt to carpe diem on property protected by Pro-Vigil pro-active video surveillance monitoring, they often discover that today is really the first day of the rest of their life-sentence. OK, so most of them won’t be going away for quite that long, but you can bet that they’ll at least think twice before trying their luck a second time. Take a look for yourself, with 11 times that Pro-Vigil security saved the day in 2014 (part 2).

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As anyone who’s ever had to worry about security knows, criminals don’t tend to keep regular hours. Crime can strike at any time, day or night, and unlike most of our favorite sports, there really isn’t any ‘offseason.’ As such, it’s nice to know that Pro-Vigil pro-active video surveillance monitoring is just as willing to work around the clock as any lawbreaker. Let’s take a look at some of the year’s highlights, with 11 times that Pro-Vigil security saved the day in 2014 (part 1).

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