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Deciding whether or not to buy a security system can be difficult. Security systems represent a significant investment, one protecting you from misfortunes that may or may not come your way. Sure, you can usually save on insurance, but those discounts may not be enough to give you the ROI you’re looking for.

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Around tax time, everyone is looking to find some extra deductions. Some things that are deductible are only deductible under certain circumstances, though, and you need to be careful about when you try to add them to the paperwork. A good example of this is security systems.

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The challenge of protecting a job site is an intimidating one, but an important one nonetheless. Regardless of the specific project at hand, a significant investment is at play on any job site. Due to the nature of construction—usually outdoors, often covering a large physical area—security is a daunting task. How do you protect all of the valuable equipment and raw materials, all day, every day? Long after the crew has gone home for the evening, you still need to be vigilant in your protection of the investment that lays out in the open for all to see.

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